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(hommage à Olivier Messiaen)

The combination of clarinet with a piano-trio has been „discovered“ very late in the music-history (Hindemith, Messiaen). An astonishing fact! There are magnificent examples of trios in the romantic literature with one wind, one string instrument and piano (Brahms clarinet-trio, Brahms horn-trio, Schumann „Märchenerzählungen“). The doubling of the string instruments leads to a flexibility able to realize on one side „orchestral passages“ and, on the other, very delicate structures. REFLETS reflects a long period of my musical life in a close neighbourhood to Olivier Messiaen. His QUATUOR POUR LA FIN DU TEMPS is a very impressing universe of colours, natural phenomenons and religious elements. The roots of his music are deeply fixed in the ground of the earth, but are the base of it’s cosmic dimension in the same time.

J-L. D.